The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), through the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate, has established national policy, legislation and systems to regulate, monitor, audit and inspect mines; contribute to the development of qualifications, skills programmes and learnerships in the mining industry; and provide technical advice to the mining sector.

Tripartite Forums

Following the outcome of the Tripartite Leadership Summit on Health and Safety held on 5 September 2008, one of the objectives set was to strengthen the tripartite partnership in achieving zero harm through collaborative action.

This tripartite alliance includes business leadership, the Government and organised labour representatives, working together to find solutions to the health and safety issues in the South African mining industry.

In support of this initiative, the Association of Mine Managers of South Africa implemented Tripartite Forums at each of its districts. These forums meet on a monthly basis to discuss the latest trends, indicators and best practice in the industry. Further to this objective, the annual MineSAFE Conference is also jointly organised and attended by industry, Government and organised labour.

AMMSA believes that this tripartite alliance has made a significant impact on health and safety in the South African mining industry, yielding innovative solutions and strengthening the relationship between the three parties to bring about zero harm to all South African mineworkers.

MOSH Leading Practices

Since the MHSC summit in 2003 with the formulation of the 2013 milestones, substantial work has been done to achieve improvement in safety, health and the environment performance in the mining industry. The MOSH Adoption System was implemented to shift the industry from sharing technology and best practice to its widespread adoption across the industry.

Leading Practices

Good Ledging Practice for Hard Rock Narrow Tabular Reefs - January 2017

Related Technical Papers

Through the years, AMMSA has collected a vast library of technical presentations and papers on various safety topics. Through sharing case studies and leading practices on a variety of safety related topics, we support the journey to Zero Harm in our industry.