Appointment of representatives

Standing committee
President BB Nel
Vice President P Coetzer
Second Vice President S Sepetla
Central District P Coetzer L Pitsoe/L Mnisi
Eastern District D Mtshengu W Theron/J van Tonder
Free State District F Janse van Rensburg S Khubeka/TBA
Western District W Gouws M Floyd
Northern Cape J Rajan J Erasmus
Honorary Treasurer (Funding) BB Nel P Coetzer/S Sepetla
MPAS Committee of Management (Chairperson: A Brown) A Brown P Coetzer/S Sepetla
Banqueting Steering Committee and District Fund Raising Committee (Chairperson: T van den Berg)

District Representatives/L Mnisi/D Mtshengu/F Janse v Rensburg/J Rajan

Vice Presidents
Membership Applications A Brown BB Nel
Students/Mentorship J Rajan (Student Day) With District Representatives
AMM initiatives
MineSAFE (Chairperson T van den Berg) P Coetzer S Sepetla
Safety Summit P Coetzer TA Mohase
AMSPSA P Coetzer J Erasmus
MOSH Adoption Chamber Representatives P Coetzer

MRAC (Feedback)

Task Teams

Duties and Responsibilities

SAMRAC Code Book

Appointments and Regulations

T van den Berg





S Sepetla

J Erasmus

S Sepetla

MHSC P Coetzer Dr S Phakati
Tripartite Forums

P Coetzer

D Mtshengu

J Rajan

W Gouws

F Janse van Rensburg

With District Representatives
OH & SPC P Coetzer S Sepetla/Dr S Phakati
Editorial Committee
(Technical Communication)
S Sepetla J Rajan

W Theron


Technical Visits


BB Nel

With P Coetzer/D Mtshengu/F Janse van Rensburg/W Gouws/J Rajan

Outside committees
Sentinel Retirement Fund D Smith
ECSA Registration Committee A Brown X Qamata
Mines rescue services
(including Gas Monitoring and Analysis and SCSR)

A Brown

J Pywell/F van Rensburg/M Fourie

Commission of examiners
Mining I G van Heerden M Sithole/R Rudolph
Mining II M Stander SG Becker
Surveyors H Engelbrecht
Geology Ms M Pienaar
Miscellaneous committees
SAIMM (Observer) W Theron